Enrollment in postgraduate studies

Enrollment in the postgraduate study leading to the title of Master of Electrical Engineering is open to all students who have completed the undergraduate study of electrical engineering, computer science or physics (natural sciences, technical sciences or mathematics and physics course), with an average grade of at least 7.5 exams and exercises during undergraduate studies (or equivalent in other countries), and also meet the general requirements set by the Statute of the University of Sarajevo.

In addition to the above group of students, enrollment is also allowed to students of other disciplines if they meet the general requirements prescribed by the Statute of the University of Sarajevo, or have an average grade of at least 7.5 in undergraduate exams and exercises (or equivalent). , and passed a special test of knowledge and suitability determined by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. This test depends on the type of university study the candidate has previously attended, as well as the professional field of his / her master's degree.

Candidates who have completed university undergraduate studies in the aforementioned fields, but have an average grade of less than 7.5 in exams and exercises during undergraduate studies, can still enroll in postgraduate studies to obtain a master's degree if they have excelled through research work. has been published or presented in the professional literature.

Applications for enrollment in postgraduate studies for obtaining a master's degree will be reviewed by the Vice Dean for Scientific Research, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, who approves the enrollment in accordance with the prescribed conditions. For candidates from other studies, the Vice Dean will provide additional exams. Enrollment will be approved only after taking these exams.

Study structure and student obligations

During the second year of study, the student selects a mentor for the master's thesis, in accordance with the professional field of interest and the relevant field of the master's thesis.

Postgraduate courses are held alternately every couple of years, first for the first year of enrollment, then for the second. By agreement with the Mentor of the study, students express their choice of subjects for the first and second year after enrollment in the first year. The subjects chosen by the students are preferred, but not the guaranteed choice of subjects that the students will attend, taking into account the minimum number of students who have chosen a given subject. Students can choose up to two syllabus courses belonging to other areas of postgraduate study, based on the availability of the course during his / her study.

Study funding

In accordance with the decision of the Government of Sarajevo Canton, the financing of tertiary education programs is not included in the budget, so it should be financed on the principle of own financing. This means that the Faculty organizes postgraduate studies entirely from the tuition fees of enrolled students. The amount of the enrollment fee for postgraduate studies will be announced in the announcement on the occasion of the beginning of enrollment.