Postgraduate - master's degree at ETF-Sarajevo according to the pre-Bologna program

The postgraduate program aims to develop independent researchers and advanced engineers with broad professional knowledge. In the master's program, the candidate must, as a rule, within two years meet the requirements of the master's study, which consists of three semesters of lectures and exams, and one semester of preparation and defense of their master's thesis.

The postgraduate study program leading to the degree of Master of Electrical Engineering consists of six elective topics. Each topic includes 30 hours of lectures combined with seminar papers.

In the master's thesis, which is usually prepared for six months, the candidate should demonstrate their ability to think in a scientific way, as well as the ability to conduct research work. When the candidate has met all the requirements and successfully defended the thesis, he / she received the academic title of Master of Electrical Engineering in the field for which he / she attended the postgraduate course. Postgraduate study should not last longer than four years.