Electric Power Engineering - Postgraduate Studies Topics

Selected Chapters in Electrical Power System Analysis
Modelling, Simulation and System Optimization
Dynamics od Electrical Power Systems
Transients in Electrical Power Systems
Monitoring and Control of Electrical Power System
Regulation in Electrical Power System
Electrical Power Control
Energy Conversion
Ecological Aspects of Electrical Power Systems
Numerical Methods
High Voltage Isolation
Conceptual Design of Electrical Power Systems
Testing of Electrical Apparata and Systems
Selected Chapters in Switching Apparata
Modern Electrical Power Systems' Control and Protection
Monitoring of Electrical Power Systems
Dynamics of Electrical Drives
Automation of Electrical Drive Testing
Special Purpose Electrical Drives
Control of Electrical Drives
Switching Reluctance Motors
Electrical Contacts Constructions and Materials
High Power Electronics Converters
Modern Methods in Planning of Electrical Power Systems Development
Selected Chapters in Electromagnetic Fields
Selected Chapters in Electrical Power Plants