Nostrification and equivalence of foreign diplomas and public documents

The Faculty DOES NOT perform the nostrification of diplomas and the equivalence of public documents if they were obtained at related institutions abroad.

Nostrification recognizes the degree of higher education, professional or scientific degree obtained abroad, recognizes equality with the degree obtained at the University, as well as other rights that the diploma gives.

Equivalence recognizes equality with the appropriate public document on higher education abroad with the corresponding public document on completed years of study, semesters and trimesters or passed exams at the University, in order to continue their education.

For the purposes of this Ordinance, public documents are considered to be a certificate and a certificate issued by an appropriate institution.

Nostrification of diplomas, ie equivalence of public documents is performed at the request of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as foreign citizens, ie stateless persons who have a legal interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For all questions related to this topic, those interested should contact the University of Sarajevo.