Basic data on graduate study

The graduate study according to the pre-Bologna program lasts:
9 semesters of teaching and up to 2 graduate semesters which include:

  • taking back exams,
  • making and
  • defense of the thesis.

There are 4 study departments at the Faculty:

  • Department of Automation and Electronics (AE);
  • Department of Power Engineering (EE);
  • Department of Computing and Informatics (RI);
  • Department of Telecommunications (TK).

The student chooses a department that wants to study at the beginning of the study, but as the study program of the first two semesters is identical for all departments, classes are conducted jointly, and when enrolling in the third semester the student can apply to transfer to another department.
The practice so far at the ETF has been that such requirements are automatically adopted.
Semesters from the third to the ninth are separated, although students of individual departments listen to individual subjects together.
Upon completion of the study, the student received a degree
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Department of {Department Name}, where the name of the department in which the student graduated is added.