Organization of classes in the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2033. at ETF-Sarajevo

According to the notification published on the website of the Sarajevo Canton Government:, the current epidemiological situation in Sarajevo Canton does not require the introduction of more restrictive measure.

Citizens are urged to be cautious, and they are recommended to be vaccinated against COVID-19, ventilate closed rooms, practice good hygiene (hand washing, cover the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing), as well as wearing masks in closed rooms where there are a large number of people. person.

According to the conclusions and recommendations of the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health of the KS, which met on August 19, 2022. year, and regarding the organization of classes, the Crisis Staff took the position that classes in all educational institutions in Sarajevo Canton can take place according to the usual model, in classrooms.

The epidemiological situation will continue to be monitored, and the Crisis Staff will introduce more restrictive measures in case of deterioration.

You can download the letter from the University of Sarajevo (number: 0101-8965/22 dated August 31, 2022) as an attachment to this notification.