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Department of automation and electronicsDepartment of automation and electronics

Activities of the Department of automation and electronics

Scientific and professional activities of the Department:

Mathematical modeling and simulation of processes and plants on the computer. Processing and analysis signal. Linear and non-linear control systems. Process identification, adaptive, robust and predictive management. Application of intelligent management algorithms.

Industrial and mobile robotics. Sensors and actuators. Mechatronic systems. Heterogeneous robotic i sensor systems. Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Human-robot interaction.

Microprocessor based systems. Analog and digital electronic systems and components. Design application-specific integrated circuits using hardware description languages. Development installation systems.

Designs and implementation of measurement systems. Systems for remote processing and data collection. Design and management of energy converters and energy conversion processes. Networked control systems and industrial automation.


Department of automation and electronics

The Department of Automation and Electronics provides top-notch education in the field of theory, structure and design of automatic process control systems, control and protection systems in the power industry, and electronic structures and systems. Special emphasis is placed on considering electronic components and analog and digital integrated circuits. A deep understanding of computer organization structures, software and knowledge of electronics also enable engineers who complete their studies at this Department to synthesize all electronically based structures and systems, design computer systems and applications in real time or off-line.





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