Elektroenergetika - Teme postdiplomskog studija

  • Selected Chapters in Electrical Power System Analysis
  • Modelling, Simulation and System Optimization
  • Dynamics od Electrical Power Systems
  • Transients in Electrical Power Systems
  • Monitoring and Control of Electrical Power System
  • Regulation in Electrical Power System
  • Electrical Power Control
  • Energy Conversion
  • Ecological Aspects of Electrical Power Systems
  • Numerical Methods
  • High Voltage Isolation
  • Conceptual Design of Electrical Power Systems
  • Testing of Electrical Apparata and Systems
  • Selected Chapters in Switching Apparata
  • Modern Electrical Power Systems' Control and Protection
  • Monitoring of Electrical Power Systems
  • Dynamics of Electrical Drives
  • Automation of Electrical Drive Testing
  • Special Purpose Electrical Drives
  • Control of Electrical Drives
  • Switching Reluctance Motors
  • Electrical Contacts Constructions and Materials
  • High Power Electronics Converters
  • Modern Methods in Planning of Electrical Power Systems Development
  • Selected Chapters in Electromagnetic Fields
  • Selected Chapters in Electrical Power Plants

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