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Enrollment policy
Bologna Study Programmes

NEW: Enrollment in academic year 2011/2012

Here you can find important documents pertaining to enrollment


* List of required documents for admission

* Application form - you are required to print this form, fill it in by hand, and submit it to Faculty Student Services before enrolling

* Instructions for candidates on admission test taking

* Form of the admission test paper - you will receive this form at the test

* Correctly filled in admission test paper - sample

Enrollment policy

The conditions that candidates need to meet for enrolling at the Faculty are:

- 4-year high school and

- success at the qualification examination

Before the qualification exam is taken, the Faculty organizes preparatory courses in mathematics. The information on the terms and conditions for the courses is available at the Students Registry Office. The number of freshmen enrolled each year is defined by the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton, based on the proposal by the Senate of the University. The announcement is made public in the daily newspapers in mid June each year.


All additional information is available at the Students Registry Office desk at the following address:

University Campus

Zmaja od Bosne, bb

71000 Sarajevo

Phone: +387 33 250 708

Fax: +387 33 250 725



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