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Research and Development Activities at the Faculty

In addition to education, the Faculty is actively involved in research and development for industry and scientific organizations; in the year 1991 total value of R&D projects realized at the Faculty reached one million KM (approx. half million EUR).


In the subsequent  years, the Faculty has been engaged on varios projects of reconstruction and revitalization of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and had its staff engaged at the various levels of planning/reconstruction and development.


Today the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is trying  to broaden its research, development and professional activities in all the fields of its expertise and teaching interests.


Within this framework,  the Faculty is offering its services in:

1. Research and development projects in domestic and international cooperation

2. Consulting

3.  Studies and analyses

4. Evaluation of the projects

5. Design of nonstandard and research results implementation projects

6. Realization of tender documentation

7. Implementation of tenders and investment projects


Faculty Projects Contractors and Partners are comfortable in expectations that task force , with  4 academicians, 47 PhD's, 36 MSc's and 134 Dipl. El. Eng. (both full time and part time employees), will successfully complete its assigned and granted projects at high scientific and professional standards and levels of quality.


Fields of scientific research and development  areas covered by specific departments are given, in more detail, on the departmental web pages.


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