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Basic Data on Faculty

Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo was established in 1961, with first generation of students enrolled a year earlier, within existing Technical faculty in Sarajevo. In the year 2010 Faculty is celebrating 50 years of its existance.

Today, Faculty is located at University of Sarajevo campus situated in the city center. For certain specialized laboratories, Faculty uses facilities in public companies Elektroprivreda (Power company) B&H and Telecom B&H. 

Since its establishment Faculty of Electrical Engineering has promoted: 

  • 4646 Graduated Engineers 
  • 312 Masters of Sciences 
  • 105 Doctors of Technical Sciences

Faculty teaching staff – full time: 

  • 32 professors 
  • 25 teaching assistants

Faculty teaching staff – part time: 

  • 20 professors 
  • 40 teaching assistants

Or in total 117 employed in educational and research activities.

In current academic year, 2009/10, Faculty attends: 

  • 1091 undergraduate and graduate students ( Bologna process )
  • 287 postgraduate students ( ante Bologna )

Study programs are divided among four departments: 

  • Automatic Control and Electronics, 
  • Computing and Informatics, 
  • Electrical Power Engineering, 
  • Telecommunication.


Study programs curriculums comply with Bologna process principles and credit system (ECTS – European credit transfer system), and currently there are two cycle students studying on first cycle in duration of six semesters ( 180 ECTS) leading to the diploma title of Bachelor of Electrical engineering in one of four above mentioned four disciplines, and second cycle in duration of four semesters (120 ECTS) ending with title of Master of Electrical engineering in four disciplines. 

This Bologna harmonized curriculum enables student mobility during studies on both cycles and diploma equivalency within European Higher Education Area (ERA and EHEA). 

After finishing first (Bachelor) and second (Master) cycle student can find employment or continue studying in third cycle (Doctorate) lasting three more years (180 ECTS points). Completion of this cycle enables student to become Doctor of Technical Sciences. 

Third cycle of studies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo will start in academic year 2010/11 when first ETF-B students complete second cycle. 

In order to obtain international verification and recognition of curriculli quality, Faculty is preparing intensively for curriculli accreditation by some renown European agency. For that purpose, during fall semester of 2008/9 academic year, faculty performed test accreditation of first cycle curriculum for Department of Computing and Informatics with well known German accreditation agency ASIIN. 

Further to its basic educational activities, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo has, since its establishment until today, always been a place of intensive scientific research and development and other activities related to promotion of science and technology, 

Faculty used to have a number of laboratories within its prewar location in Lukavica, where a number of scientific and development projects, contracted with government science funds and other agencies or industrial giants like Energoinvest, Elektroprivreda B&H, Unis, Famos and others, were implemented. 

Faculty also implemented numerous scientific development projects for Scientific departments of Federal and Republic level, and during 1985-1991 period was even leader of several big project named DC (Society goals) that had substantial resources and budget for multiyear research and development within country of that time, Yugoslavia. 

In years after war, starting in 1996, Faculty manages to return to research and development activities and implement over 80 research projects and studies for renowned partners like: PE Elektroprivreda B&H, PE BH Telecom, Energoinvest, RMU Banovici, DD Cement factory Kakanj, HT Mostar, Bosna-S and others. 

Faculty teaching staff, full and part time, is very active in scientific research and professional work, even with very modest laboratory resources that Faculty has nowadays. 

In a period before the war Faculty staff members working in research and development centers in Energoinvest, Unis, Elektroprivreda B&H, Famos and others, applied for and got verification for over 20 patents worldwide. 

Currently, Faculty implements 8 projects for Cantonal Ministry of Education and Science of Canton Sarajevo, 4 projects for Federal Ministry of Education and Science, 2 international scientific cooperation projects within FP6, 2 within European union framework FP7, 2 Tempus projects, and 5 projects for customers from industry that Faculty has contracts on business and technical cooperation. More data on those projects can be found at ETF Web portal: 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo organizes international scientific gatherings and symposiums, successors of well known and very referent Symposium, at the time, held at Jahorina devoted to information technologies: 

  • BIHTEL, bi-yearly symposium on Telecommunications (even years) 
  • ICAT, bi-yearly symposium on Information, Communication and Automation technologies (odd years) 

ICAT 2009 Symposium held from October 29-31 , 2009 was sponsored by IEEE and ACM societies and all accepted and presented papaers were included in IEEE digital library and IEEEXplore database, providing high quality reference for the conference and the authors of presented papers.

Faculty members, working with modest material and financial resources for scientific and research work, manage to follow and actively participate in research, publishing their scientific and professional papers in journals and scientific conferences with international reviews indexed by recognized referent databases. 

So that, in last two years 2006 and 2007 only, over 30 papers have been published or submitted and indexed by referent databases verified by University of Sarajevo Senate. Those databases include: CC, SCI, ACM Digital Library, IEEEXplore, INSPEC, Elsevier: Compendex database, Engineering Index, Science Direct, Scopus, then Information Science Abstracts, Energy Science and Technology, ISI Proceedings, and for mathematic sciences Zentralblatt Math I MathSciNet. 

Some important international associations that Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo takes part or is member of, are membership in HP-SUA (Hewlett Packard Software University Association), and participation of Faculty staff in IEEE B&H Section and its three chapters ( Computer society, Control system society and Telecommunication society) that were initially established at this Faculty.


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