Name of the qualification and respective title:

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Programme Power Electrical Engineering


Main field of study: Power Electrical Engineering

Study cycle: First study cycle

Official length of programme: Six semesters/three years

Admission requirements: Completed four-year high school and passed entrance test in Mathematics

Mode of study: Full-time

Language of instruction and examinations: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Accreditation: ASIIN, EUR-ACE®

Educational Objectives of the programme

  • Prepared for challenging, successful and productive career with emphasis on technical competency and with attention to teamwork and effective communication with people of diverse technical backgrounds.
  • Capable to participate and conduct analysis of concrete problems and make technically correct decisions and solutions.
  • Prepared for the successful pursuit of Bachelor studies and for life-long learning in power electrical engineering and related fields.
  • Endowed with sense of professionalism and ethical responsibility
  • Having knowledge and understanding of principles of electrical engineering, natural sciences, mathematics and computer programming
  • Having knowledge of the main principles of designing, modeling and solving concrete problems in the field of power electrical engineering.
  • Endowed with a sense of environment awareness and encouraged to support energy efficiency and usage of renewable energy sources.
  • Prepared and qualified for further study in Master program.


Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to apply knowledge of the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering fundamentals to the solution of medium complexity problems appearing in power electrical engineering sector;
  • Design and conduct medium complexity experiments in power electrical engineering and analyze and interpret results generated by those experiments;
  • Design components, devices and systems – especially electrical installations in power electrical and mechanical engineering
  • The ability to participate effectively in multi-disciplinary teams involving people with diverse technical backgrounds
  • Identify and formulate problems in power electrical engineering and evaluate and generating solutions to problems of medium complexity
  • Recognize the need for, and ability for long life learning for a successful engineering career
  • Understand their professional and ethical responsibility and apply that knowledge in practice
  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • The ability to understand the impact and importance of power electrical engineering in societal context
  • Application of techniques, tools, skills of modern engineering, including computer based technologies, to solving medium complexity problems in power engineering
  • Prepared and qualified for further study in Master program.


Programme syllabus with course descriptions:

  • To download Programme syllabus with course descriptions click here.


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