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Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo (ETF) was established in the year 1961 and the first generation of students enrolled a year earlier, within the existing Technical University of Sarajevo. At the beginning of the teaching is organized for Power Electrical Engineering, and later organized courses for other educational profiles.


Since its establishment, at the ETF Sarajevo more than the 5000 graduates are awarded by diploma engineer degree, more than 400 candidates have acquired a master’s degree (master of science), degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences has acquired the 103 candidates, 415 students finished I cycle of study (Bachelor of Engineering in one of engineering disciplines) and 110 students finished II cycle of study (Master of Engineering in one of engineering disciplines).


The ETF Sarajevo is an institutional member of the University of Sarajevo and, although is financially independent from the University bodies and structure, and represents independent legal entity with full responsibility, is liable in certain matters and activities to the University of Sarajevo Statute and its governing structure. These obligations are mainly confined to the processes related to teaching staff appointments and obtaining academic titles. In a loosely coupled institution like the University of Sarajevo, the improvement and future change will grow on the involvement of people, rather than on the institutional structures, although by recent changes in legislation on higher education in the Canton Sarajevo and new University statute, further integration between faculties and university is underway.


Due to the legacy, and with the goal to have flexible and decentralized organizational structure that shall enable improvement of educational and research activities, the ETF Sarajevo is divided into two major fields of activities called sectors:

- Educational sector;

- Scientific and research sector.


The ETF Sarajevo is governed by the Dean with his deputies (Vice-Deans) and heads of Departments constituting Management board, and the Faculty Council. The permanent members of the Faculty Council are professors, associate professors and assistant professors in full time employment with the ETF Sarajevo. Contracted part time teaching staff is allowed to attend the meetings but without voting rights. The elected representative of assistants, researchers and students, without voting right, is also the members of the Faculty Council. Faculty Council convenes monthly and is chaired by the Dean.


Having this elected representative of the teaching assistants and students in the full membership of the Faculty Council, we have introduced the governance structure which guaranties that students and all staff members are participating in major decisions affecting the ETF Sarajevo.


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