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Automatic Control and Electronics
Electric Power Engineering
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Computer Science and Informatics
Electric Power Engineering Department

Apart from education, activities on the Electric Power Engineering Department are:

Transmission, distribution and industrial systems (load flow, short circuits, transient stability, fault conditions to determine switchgear ratings, with contribution on infuction motors; motor starting studies; relay production; reliability assessment of various power network configurations)
Electromagnetic transients in power system (switching and lightning overvoltages; insulation co-ordination procedures; protection against lightning overvoltages; temporary overvoltages and transient recovery voltages; very fast transient caused by operation of disconnection in gas insulated systems...)
Economic utilization of power factor correction and design of capacitor banks in systems with voltage distortion problems
Electric machines and drives
Cathodic protection systems (pipelines tanks, pump stations in the field of water supply, gas supply, oil refinery, chemical industry, storage, etc...)
Electrochemistry and electrostatics

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